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Does my child need special equipment?
There are only a few things everyone needs and most already have them in their closets. Everyone needs to wear long pants and shoes with a heel on it. The shoe can not have a sneaker like bottom. A penny loafer heel is a good example. Everyone always wears a helmet. For the first lessons we have a variety of hats to choose from and if that isn’t appealing a bicycle helmet works for the first few lessons. After three lessons it is time to make the trek to the saddlery to buy one just for you. Trained professionals can size you or your child with the helmet that suits you best.

Is it OK to bring siblings to watch?  
Everyone is welcome to come and watch. If guests want to be in the barn area, no flip flops please. Also no pets, people only. Sometimes dogs and horses don’t mix.

How often should one receive lessons?
Most start out with once a week. To make a real progress this is necessary. Some people lesson or ride as many as five days a week. Do what suits your family best.

Does everybody compete in horse shows?
Everybody is welcome but no one has to. Sometimes going to just watch one is good start. The nice thing is everybody competes at a level that suits them, so even a novice rider can be competitive.

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